Business Proposal

My name is Sgt. Lawrence K. Wilson. I am an American soldier (USF-I) and a Command Sgt. serving in the military with the 1st Armored Division in Iraq. As you know we are being attacked everyday by insurgents, car/suicide bombers in Iraq.

In 2009 I managed to secure Ten Million Euro, these was part of the stash money found in Baghdad to have belonged to Saddam Hussein's family and associates. This money has been kept somewhere outside Baghdad for some time now but with the proposed troops withdrawal by our President to end the war and make lasting peace with Iraq militant and terrorist, I am so afraid that these money may be discovered. My contact to you is to make sure that the money is move to a safe hand pending the completion of my assignment here.


I am ready to compensate you generously well because there is no strings attached as Iraq is a war zone. I plan on using diplomatic immunity-cover to ship this money to you as military cargo. I am contacting you with confidence as all arrangements for the successful delivery has been put in place. All I need from you is to receive the cargo at your location from the delegated diplomat.

I am expecting your positive reply so as to extend more confidential details to you. I hope I can trust you.
Yours sincerely,
Lawrence K. Wilson.
Command Sgt. Baghdad Iraq

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